Welcome to Run The Long Road Coaching!  I’m a RRCA certified running coach and NASM certified personal trainer with 13 years of personal running experience.  I’ve completed races of all distances but my favorite is the marathon.  I’ve been coaching friends and family for years and decided to make it official in April 2010 with RRCA (Road Runners Club of America).  I have experience coaching runners of all levels from the 5K to the marathon.

Runner’s World “Ask The Experts” – April 2013

My coaching is personalized and adaptive.  The training plan I create will be tailored to your current fitness level and goals.  My training plans are delivered in small increments so I can constantly adapt and adjust the plan based on how you are progressing.

I mostly do online coaching but would be open to other methods (group and in-person if you live in the Philly area).  Please contact me  for more details.

Fees are $75 per month for online coaching. This includes:

  • an initial consultation (in-person or via phone) where we’ll discuss your current fitness level, any injuries, recent training, goals, etc.  This is essentially a Q&A session where I get to know you more as a runner.
  • a customized training plan for your race
  • weekly check-ins to track your progress and adjust your training plan as necessary
  • access to a coach for questions, advice and tips, racing strategies, etc.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me at