About Me

I’m Kristy, a running coach, marathoner x 11, ultramarathoner, Philly native, proud St. Joe’s and Georgetown alum, and lover of all things running.

Cheerleading was my sport of choice through college.  It also kept me in decent shape.  After graduation, with my cheerleading days behind me, I needed something to fill that void…a new passion.  Enter running.  I was immediately hooked and ran my first 5K a few months later.  My lungs burned, my face was red, and my legs seized but I wanted to do it again.  That Fall I ran my first half marathon, the Philadelphia Distance Run, with Team in Training.

Two years later I ran the Marine Corps Marathon.  I was smitten…and my love for distance running was sparked.

After I got a few marathons under my belt, my ultimate goal became qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  Some may have called it an obsession.  My dream came true in September 2011 at the Lehigh Valley Marathon (marathon #9).  I crossed the finish line 1 minute and 14 seconds under my BQ time.  That time was good enough for acceptance into the 2012 Boston Marathon!

About Coaching
After years of helping family and friends train for races, I decided to make it official and became an RRCA-certified running coach in April 2010.  Soon after that I started Run The Long Road Coaching, where I train runners of all levels from a 5K to a marathon.  In August 2013 I added another credential:  NASM-certified personal trainer.  I find coaching incredibly fulfilling and I love to see people achieve their running goals.

I strongly believe that success in running comes down to hard work, consistency, determination, and a little race day luck.  Over the years I have lowered my marathon finish time from 5:12 to 3:41.  I accomplished this on my own with some trial and error and figuring out what works best for me.  I have made all the mistakes in the book so you don’t have to!

* RRCA-certified running coach
* NASM-certified personal trainer
* CPR/First Aid certified
* Appeared in April 2013 issue of Runner’s World “Ask The Experts”
* philly.com On The Run blog contributor
* Completed 11 marathons, an ultramarathon, and dozens of half marathons
* Have steadily improved finish times in all distances
* Fulfilled long-term dream of qualifying for and running the 2012 Boston Marathon