1st trimester running

Time is flying. I’m just shy of 15 weeks and haven’t even mentioned running yet with my new training partner! Let’s recap the 1st trimester of running, shall we?

Since I felt pretty good throughout the 1st trimester I was able to sustain decent mileage (in my opinion).

Miles per week: 35-40*
Long runs: 10-13 miles
Race: ODDyssey Half Marathon
*with occasional drop back weeks of 30 miles

My pace slowed almost immediately, like I was running through molasses. At first this drove me crazy. I was getting passed by everyone and I was not happy about it. It took me a few weeks to put aside my pride and just enjoy myself. Now I pretend I’m training for an ultra – the slower you go, the better off you are. Just cover the miles and don’t worry about pace. Now that my mindset has been changed, running is pretty damn fun!

Long run fatigue
I didn’t experience much general fatigue in my 1st trimester but long runs got rough. 13 miles was definitely my limit.  I would get so tired I began to walk up hills and incorporate short walk breaks whenever I felt like it…just to cover the distance. This helped immensely.

I also noticed that my standard bedtime on a long run day became 8PM. Party hardy.

I didn’t see this one coming! My $15 Champion sports bras were no longer cutting it. I have never really felt my boobs bounce while running (and I prefer it that way!). I swear it happened overnight. I woke up and had boobs.  I finally sucked it up and bought more supportive – and expensive – Nike sports bras. I have a new respect for you well-endowed ladies and what you have to endure!

1) Broad Street Run – 5 weeks pregnant (DNS)
I call this “sidelined with a case of pride”. I debated back and forth about this one. Race it? Run it for fun? Racing it was risky. It was so early in my pregnancy and 10-mile race pace is pretty punishing. I had a hard time justifying it and Matt felt the same way. Running it for fun was doable but you know what they say about race results living on the internets forever? I thought my slow pace would raise eyebrows (or maybe no one cared?) so I played it safe and sat out of the whole race. Damn pride.

2) ODDyssey Half Marathon – 10 weeks pregnant (1:59:31)
My first race of 2013!  This race was on my bucket list for awhile but I never seemed to fit it in.  It’s a small (3000 runners), low-key race in Philly.  Runners can dress up in costume and can jump off course to participate in obstacle courses and games (I did neither).

Two remarkable things happened during this race:  I didn’t stop to pee AND I didn’t walk.  I felt pretty incredible actually.  Obviously I had no time goals but secretly I wanted to come in under 2:00.  Mission accomplished.


Elevation profile – sadly this is considered “hilly” by Philly standards.

Around mile 11, I met a RTLR reader (hi Dave!).  This was the first time anyone recognized me for the blog and I must admit it was pretty awesome and gave me a nice little boost.

I wonder what I was looking at?  And why is that girl on her cell phone?!

A medal that’s also a bottle opener?  Perfect…6 months from now.

It feels good to finally recap a race on the blog, even though I didn’t technically “race” it.  I have 2 more half marathons scheduled for 2013 – the Philly RnR in September (should be doable) and the Philly Half Marathon in November.  I will be about 8 months pregnant so we’ll just have to wait and see with that one.  I may be delusional.

And 2014?  Oh, I have big, big plans Smile

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  1. says

    Glad to see the ODDyssey half is still going. I ran it in 2011 and thought it was a well put on race. Too bad you missed out on the beer garden but at least the bottle opener awaits :) The phone race pic is awesome. I remember when I thought that course was hilly too…pre mountain running. 2014…re-BQ? 100-miler?
    Amanda recently posted…More Running Stats & Gratuitous Trail PicsMy Profile

  2. says

    My first ever race with beer at the finish? I was pregnant. Isn’t that the worst?? LOL That would’ve been the race’s one redeeming characteristic! But alas… I felt my pace slow basically immediately, too. It was most frustrating when being passed by people who normally wouldn’t who had no clue why I was so slow that day. That was before I had announced.

    I like your philosophy and I’ve adopted it with off and on success. I’m now at 26 weeks and have decided to count every day I can move as a victory! I also didn’t anticipate having to buy a new sports bra in the first trimester! So crazy! And yes, hats off to the women who run with large breasts all the time. Those things are a nuisance!!
    jameil recently posted…The Anatomy Scan + A Little ExtraMy Profile

  3. says

    love it! And yes, running races pregnant is a challenge in itself. You did great with the half. two more half marathons coming up — you got it! With Lili, I remember I would always do it with feel — how I felt when I woke up the morning of the race. I usually ran it. Albeit, slow, I did it because I knew it was for FUN!

    Rachel recently posted…Long Weekend FunMy Profile

  4. Sara says

    We’ll run together in November! I need you to be eight months pregnant so that we can finally run at the same pace…

  5. bethp262 says

    Congrats on your race! That’s one I’ve read about and want to do someday.
    Can’t wait to hear your 2014 plans–don’t keep us in suspense for too long! :)

  6. says

    I’m with Amanda I want to know the 2014 plans! I’m impressed with how much you were running in the first trimester! And a sub 2 half while pregnant – WOW.
    Alyssa recently posted…Slow and hardMy Profile

  7. Terzah says

    The only race I did pregnant was a relay, and I know exactly what you mean about the slow pace. I couldn’t yet tell my teammates *why* I was so slow! It was hard! Later, of course, I explained.

    Good for you! That’s a lot of running!

  8. Lauren says

    Very impressive mileage and race time! It’s awesome to know you are still enjoying it and feeling great :)

  9. says

    Why IS that girl on her phone?? gahh. I love that you’re going with the flow of pregnancy with running but still keeping it up. I’m sure your new running partner likes it too :) Has anyone ever run a half 8 months pregnant?? Haha, It sounds like something I would probably try to do too… :)
    Kelly recently posted…wineglass training week 6My Profile

  10. says

    Every time I feel good about how much I’ve been able to do, I hear from you/read your blog and am brought back down to earth a little. ;) I’m so impressed by the mileage you’ve been able to keep up. I hated running in the first trimester, and feel like I’m just now getting in the groove. I’m sure it’ll all change again in a few weeks when the belly starts popping out and I begin to feel the baby moving. Pregnancy (and running through it) is definitely a crazy adventure!

    Congrats again on your half marathon! I also want to do one in September! I haven’t signed up yet because I want to make sure my successful running continues, but I feel like I need to have a goal. It keeps me motivated to stay active…otherwise I’d be home on the couch.
    Lauren recently posted…Cheese Baby: 15 & 16 weeksMy Profile



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