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This is the longest stretch I ever went without blogging.  Every time I sat down to write a post over the past 2 weeks, I ended up just deleting it.  Quasi-training doesn’t lead to the most fascinating posts.  Some people can make the mundane sound interesting.  I’m not one of them.

Quasi-training is going really well though.  For right now, it’s just what I need.  I have no interest in racing a marathon this Spring.  Running a 50K or a trail marathon?  Maybe.  But I enjoy being noncommittal at the moment.

I’ve fallen into a pattern with training.  3 weeks of 40-50 miles and then a big drop back week.  That’s good enough to maintain my base until I decide to be committal again.

Wk of 2/4:  40 miles with 13 miles long
Wk of 2/11: 43 miles with 17 miles long
Wk of 2/18: 46 miles with 20 miles long (first 20 of 2013!)
Wk of 2/25: 30 miles with 10 miles long

Besides running, we celebrated a very important birthday.


And I laughed till I cried, drank too much, and chatted until 3AM with these ladies.

5 of 8 Mains

All is good.

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  1. says

    3×7…Hawk is definitely legal drinking age now :)
    I haven’t felt I have had much to blog about lately either. Aside from some fun/challenging trail runs, not much to report. Great job keeping up that high base mileage while you figure out what’s next!
    Amanda recently posted…2011 vs. 2012My Profile

  2. says

    sounds like quasi training is just what you need right now! Hope Hawk had a great B-day with lots of toys and treats :) Also, yay for having fun and laughing till you cry – just as important as anything else!
    Kelly recently posted…good things, training recapMy Profile

  3. Camille says

    I was JUST looking on your blog this weekend b/c I thought I haven’t seen a post in a while- LOL! I LOVE the picture of Hawk- hilarious! Glad all is well and that you had some good times with some of the Mains!

  4. says

    wow your quasi training is more than I did in my first weeks of actual training and I definitely did no 20 miles…I am excited to see what your secret marathon will be ;)

  5. says

    Your comment came over okay, I replied this to it. –> “HA! Mine sniffs, pees, walks 3 feet, repeat. Drives me crazy! I’m a crazy dog lady too, I stopped to pet 3 dogs on my run yesterday. If it happens to be another Schnauzer, I’m ready to schedule a play date” :)
    Kristy recently posted…Saturday’s 20 Miler w/ Some FirstsMy Profile

  6. says

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Hawk! I Too cute. I have to tell you — I’ve been in and out of blogging these days — mainly because it’s so busy at work and there’s no way I can get it in while I’m at home.

    I think a trail run would be pretty nice!!! I’d definitely like to do one of those technical trails… Though, after this marathon, I’m thinking of just doing smaller races (half marathon and under). With 3 marathons within 10 months, I’m thinking it’s time to give my husband a break on those long run Sundays. LOL

    Glad to see you’re doing well, running hard even though you don’t have any big races on the schedule yet and having fun with your girls. XO
    Rachel recently posted…Balancing It OutMy Profile


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