Taper Talk

I thought that once I started to taper for this 50K, I would feel better and relax a bit.  Instead my motivation has hit an all time low. 

Last week was my “peak week” of training and I hit 60 miles.  A good chunk of that was my marathon training run.  After that it looked a little something like this…

26.2 (yeah!) –> 10 (my legs feel great!) –> 6 (my legs feel OK) –> rest day –> 10 (crap, my legs are bricks) –> 7 (I should have stayed in bed) –> and so on…

My legs have felt beat up all week (hello, DOMS).  I’m not surprised; I generally take a week off after running a marathon. 

My motivation is also lacking.  I just don’t feel like running.  Plain and simple. 

We are going away this weekend so I’m scrambling to fit all my runs in this week so I can take Saturday and Sunday as rest days.  That’s rough and I’m just…cranky. 

I’ve also been up way too late watching the Olympics.  I though the Olympics were supposed to motivate?

Speaking of the Olympics, does anyone else think Ryan Lochte is a tool? 


Why is Ryan Seacrest at the Olympics?

Did anyone catch this hurdler’s pre-race routine?  You better win after that!

Ryan Lochte – like or dislike?

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  1. says

    Ryan Seacrest is omnipresent; we can’t get rid of him.

    Don’t like the grill, but appreciate the hard work Lochte puts in (see his strong man workouts) and he’s pretty good looking, too!

    Incredible warm up routine, I’m trying that before my next race…
    Meggie recently posted…PSAs of the DayMy Profile

  2. says

    haha! omg my thoughts exactly re: lochte and ryan seacrest. why is he there?! and lochte seems to think he’s a rapper or something. so weird.

    good luck with the taper – i’m so impressed you’re running an ultra, i bet you by the time race day comes around you’ll be feeling much much better and motivated to kick some butt! i mean how can you not feel a bit bleh after running a marathon? without all the crowds cheering you on and the rush that goes with finishing? my thoughts at least :)

  3. says

    Ha ha, you should check out Miss. Zippy’s post from today :) the Seacrest comparison is good – I agree completely.

    I’ve gotten totally wrapped up in the Olympics too….just wait till you watch the marathon on Sunday or catch the highlights – I’m sure that will get you motivated! Plus, after the week you had, I’m sure you’re just sore and tired, you’ll be revving to go very soon!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted…Different strokes for different folksMy Profile

  4. says

    I went to UF so I soooo want to like Ryan L but sigh. Yes. Tool is the perfect word for him. You should see his tweets. His favorite word is “jeah” like yeah with a “J” and he loves the rapper Jeezy. Eye roll. I have even less affection for Seacrest.

  5. says

    My husband had to explain to me what the heck a grill is. Clearly, I’ve been living under a rock.

    Good luck with the taper. You’ve put in good training and a lot of mileage, so I believe its normal to experience some PUMSD (that’s, pre-ultra-mileage-stress-disorder)
    Lisa recently posted…PrioritiesMy Profile

  6. says

    SO glad you posted this. My friend used to swim with Lochte, so I thought that was cool and followed him on twitter. His first tweet was something like “hey lochte nation” and I was like “are you kidding me?”. Good thing for Missy Franklin because Phelps is universally hated in Baltimore.
    Alyssa recently posted…Random Thoughts ThursdayMy Profile

  7. bethp262 says

    Hang in there, Kristy! Of course you will feel sore after that week!

    Oh, and I agree about Lochte: major tool!

  8. says

    They don’t call it taper madness for nothing! Go easy on yourself. By the time you get to the starting line your legs should feel much better–that’s why you give yourself so much recovery time pre-race. As for that hurdler, that’s pretty much my pre-race routine too (well, if you replace the dancing with visits to the bathroom).
    David recently posted…And They’re Off!My Profile

  9. says

    haha that video is hilarious! YES, I think Ryan Lochte is a tool. He’s going to look back at all of the photos of him, his medal and that ridiculous grill and be pretty embarrassed. BUT, can’t deny he’s not too bad to look at. And anyone that works that hard and wins all of those medals gets my respect!

    I hope you have a good weekend and your taper gets better (it will!)
    Kelly recently posted…hills and olympic musingsMy Profile

  10. says

    Lochte is a huge tool, but I love laughing at him so I still like him. He’s like a cartoon character of a dude bro.

    I think feeling burnt out is normal. You’re going to feel refreshed after this taper and ready to tackle this race!
    Kara recently posted…Pajama Party NightMy Profile

  11. says

    Oh taper… I hope that you’re feeling good these days. It’s hard to believe that it’s almost here. Seriously. When it gets closer, you’ll need to email me info — i know this probably isn’t a huge race but can I track where you are?!?

    I’m in complete agreement with you and Lochte being a tool. I am sooo happy with Michael Phelps and his records… Like you, I am loving these Olympics.
    Rachel recently posted…Freshly Pressed’s Best Of July 2012My Profile



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