aka – Broad Street Run recap.

Warning:  I’m going to start out negative and end on a positive note.  This race is a bit of a nightmare.  Back in the day, it used to be a fun and relatively small event.  Now, it’s hysteria.  From the expo, to parking, to the subway ride, to the porta potties…long lines everywhere.  But what else can you expect when you allow 40,000 runners in?  Broad needs to take a lesson from the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler – start doing a lottery system and cap the damn race!

So why do I run it every year?  I love the course.  Flat, fast, and straight ahead.  And they do have good food at the finish.

I said earlier this week that I didn’t have a plan since I wasn’t sure how my legs would hold up 3 weeks post-Boston.  My current PR is 1:19:13, from Cherry Blossom last year.  I wasn’t sure I could beat it and frankly, I didn’t care.  Honest.  I just wanted to have a good time out there.

I started out Mile 1 just under 8:00 pace.  I felt good but everyone always feel good during Mile 1.

By Mile 5 I was still running under 8:00 but I was just waiting for the dead marathon legs to set in.

Mile 6…still waiting for dead legs.

During Mile 7 I did the math and realized I could PR.  I kicked it up a notch.

I crossed the finish line in 1:18:28 – a new PR!

Spontaneity works well, apparently.  I may have to implement the no-plan plan more often.   And all that speed work I did for Boston didn’t go to waste!


Do you have a love-hate relationship with a specific race because of its size?  For me, it’s definitely Broad Street.  But I love the course and the tradition of doing it each year. 

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    Great job! Congrats on the PR. My 5k today had 1/100 the runners your race had :) The only race I’ve run more than once was the Philly Rock n’ Roll half, but no complaints because they seem to run it pretty well!
    Amanda recently posted…The OracleMy Profile

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    Congrats on the PR! I can’t say I’m all that surprised, but you must be very pleased. As far as crowded races, I have that same kind of love-hate relationship with the New York City Marathon. It’s crazy crowded but still a lot of fun. Sounds like I should put Broad Street on my list for the future.
    David recently posted…Previewing the Brooklyn HalfMy Profile

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    woohoo! Congrats, Kristy! Maybe spontaneity makes you super speedy? (<– alliteration!) A lot of the NYRR races here are ridiculously crowded, but I'm learning how to deal for the most part. NYCM will always be a shit show, but it's too fun and awesome to focus on that!
    Kelly recently posted…Weekly recap, marathon bucket listsMy Profile

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    Kristy, You are so amazing! Congratulation on your PR and wow, right after Boston. After I read this post last night, I told Pedro that I want to hire you as a coach. I’ll email you more in depth. He asked me if it was for NYC, and that may be the case, but… there’s one stipulation. I might want baby #2 before then and may have to run it pregnant, so I might have to hire you as a coach post-pregnancy #2…. If that’s the case. LOL But yes, you are my #1 choice for sure. ;o)
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    Broad Street Run was my first race ever in 2009! I loved the course that day and fell in love with running and races when I entered the Navy Yard. In 2009.

    In 2010, the crowds seemed to have doubled and it was miserable! I run with the midpackers and it was almost impossible to find a groove or even a pace because there were too many people!

    It sold out so quickly this year too! I love the race and the atmosphere and crowds simply cannot be beat (there is never a moment of silence along that course) but it’s almost impossible to get into now (YES TO THE LOTTERY SYSTEM!!!) and I feel like it’s too popular to really enjoy.

    I’ve seen a lot of really positive feedback from yesterday’s event and am hearing about a lot of PRS so maybe the race directors made some improvements.

    CONGRATS on your PR!!! I’m a new reader and love your blog!
    Lindsey recently posted…Lessons in Not Flying Off a BikeMy Profile

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    Hey Kristy! Congrats again on the PR, and I’m sorry I missed you! Don’t you love those spontaneous surprise PR’s?! It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though considering how much effort you’ve put into spring training!
    I hear ya on Broad Street – they definitely need to start a lottery. The expo situation could use some improvement as well. I do love the course – doesn’t get much better than straight and downhill! I was so bummed to miss it this year.
    Congrats again – so whats next?
    Kate @ NaturaStride recently posted…On Gazing Longingly at Treadmills.My Profile


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