Recovery from Boston can best be summed up in one word:  humbling.

I have the whole recovery thing down to a system:  no running 1 week post-marathon, ease back into running during week 2, increase mileage and maybe add some easy speed work during week 3, etc.  Essentially…reverse my taper.  This works for me.

Earlier this week, I set out to do a rather ambitious 8-miler.  Keep in mind this was my first run post-Boston.  Not sure why I wanted to do 8 miles but I guess I missed running?

8 miles turned into 6 miles with a walk break.  My quads were screaming.  Kinda like I went to barre class for 4 days in-a-row.

I know trashed quads are typical of the Boston course.  But I never, ever thought my quads would be this beat up though.  Why?

1.  I trained adequately.  After “experiencing” the course, I wouldn’t change a thing about my hill prep.

2.  Umm, I certainly didn’t go out too fast in the beginning on the downhills.  Hello, 89 degrees.

3.  I was fine after running Steamtown, which was far worse in terms of downhills than Boston.

So what is it?!  Time on feet.  I haven’t ran a marathon in 4 hours 33 minutes since 2006.  I certainly didn’t train to be on my feet that long.  In fact, my 21-miler was my longest run and it lasted 3:04.  That, coupled with the extreme conditions, is probably why I’m still feeling the effects of the marathon.


I’m happy to report that my quads felt much better this morning and I hope that trend will continue – very quickly – as we move towards the weekend.

I have Broad Street in a little over a week!  I haven’t decided if I’m going to race it or run it as a tempo/progression run.  I will all depend on how my quads feel next week.

Have a great weekend!

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    Oh wow! Worse than steamtown?! That scares me! You know what happened to me there…

    Interesting point about time on your feet though. I did my longest long run of 24 miles at a minute slower pace than I did my marathons so I ended up being on my feel much longer than I was during either of my races. I know there are different theories if this is good, but may there is something to it…

    of course i know you didnt plan to spend that long on your feet!!
    Celia recently posted…2012 gansett marathon race reportMy Profile

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    that’s a great point! And it’s awesome you are that in tuned with your body and how things affect it – sometimes I don’t think about the whole time on feet thing and it totally makes sense. I think it would take me 2195873985 years to recover from Steamtown…

    Hope the quads are feeling better today!
    Kelly recently posted…Things before 30My Profile

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    Your quads will be 100% in no time! I think you’ve pretty much came up with the perfect conclusion on why you had to stop and walk for some of your run. No biggie. I’d probably be taking 2 weeks off. But like you, it’s so hard not to run.

    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Rachel recently posted…New Themes: Everyday and OriginMy Profile

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    My legs recovered fine. But I am EXHAUSTED. And I am attributing that to the fact that I was in the heat for so long. I hate it. This is the most different marathon recovery I have gone through. Good luck on Broad Street!
    Robin recently posted…When to Retire Running ShoesMy Profile

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    I am absolutely loving this post right now because I just got back from a 6 miler that felt more like a 16 miler and I’m exhausted. I didn’t even consider time on my feet – but considering I spent about 3 times more than I would in a marathon, maybe I should consider that. You totally cheered me up.
    Alyssa recently posted…Running hurts my armsMy Profile


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