Now What?

Some people have asked me what I plan on doing after Boston.  For many years I just ran marathons and chipped away at my time until I BQ’d.  This is the first time in a long time where I don’t really have anything major planned.  And, I must admit, it feels good!

I do have some plans though.  Please, I’m not that spontaneous and fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants.

I’m definitely burned out a bit from racing marathons.  I need a break.  So I’m taking what I love about marathon training – high mileage – and sticking to it.  So how is that a break?  I’m decreasing the intensity of those miles.  No more track work for the foreseeable future.  Tempo and progression runs will be done if I feel like it.  But mostly, I’m going to run whatever pace I feel like on that day.  Sounds a little bit like ultra training, huh?

Sooner or Later
Ultras!  50Ks and 50-milers!  Running long is my favorite aspect of running so I think ultra training would be a good fit (because, let’s be honest, speed is not my forte).  I’m not rushing into it yet and haven’t committed to anything race-wise but there just so happens to be a few ultras bookmarked in my favorites!  We’ll see!

BQ’ing again.  I know I have a 3:3X in me and I would love to get another shot at Boston…and race it.

Other than Broad Street (popular 10-mile race here in Philly) on May 6, I have nothing planned except for 2 HMs in the Fall.

I’m really excited about this new running “chapter” as cheesy as that sounds.  It’s very different from how I spent the past 10 years running but this change is much needed.  Only good can come from it!

What are your running plans right now?  For the future?

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  1. says

    I think that sounds like a great plan – you need the mental break, but kinda nice to maintain all that hard training too. I’d love to do an ultra at some stage as well – some of the runs out there are just so inspiring, in such beautiful locations. I’m almost more excited for my 15M trail run in Colorado than I am for the Chicago marathon :) Trail running is the best. Enjoy your “time off!”
    claire recently posted…A few racing updatesMy Profile

  2. says

    Right now: Would love to hit 2 hrs (or break it) at my teeny tiny half on 6/16. I feel I’ve made some good progress but not sure if I’ll be quite ready to run a <9:09 pace in 7ish weeks.

    Future: My town? city? has a marathon and half in November. While I've joked that I may do a full if I still have lots of time on my hands, I think I'm pretty happy to continue running the 13.1 distance injury-free. I think I might break myself if I train for 26.2. So that Nov half could be another chance to break 2, if needed. I'd also like to do more trail running- races or just for fun.
    Amanda recently posted…Bison, Trash Plates, and a JerbMy Profile

  3. Ruth says

    Wow. Ultras. I don’t know how people do those! I LOVE running, but don’t think I could or would run that far. But I can definitely see you doing it. You’re going to love just running whatever you feel for a change.

  4. says

    I’m totally with you on the ultra dream :) But yeah, you definitely need to address burnout (physically or mentally); otherwise, it stops being fun.

    And if it’s not fun, why bother????

    Sounds like you’ve got yourself a great plan :)
    Lisa recently posted…Next stop…Vermont City!My Profile

  5. bethp262 says

    Ultra training is so fun! I know you will love it. I am also enjoying my no-training-plan running right now. Nothing definite on the books except a little 5k in a couple weeks that I do every year with my son. (I hate 5ks, btw). And the Runners World festival in October. I am doing the”hat trick”: 5k and 10k on sat and the half on Sunday.

  6. says

    Sounds like a really great approach that will keep you fresh. I love Broad St, btw!

    I have a 1/2 coming up on May 18. I’m using these two weeks easy and then will put a little speed back in the picture next week. After that, not really sure for summer, but fall will include a couple 1/2 marathons, a 10-miler, and then a marathon in early Dec.
    misszippy recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  7. says

    That’s so exciting! It seems like you’re in the perfect place to try something new, and it totally fits you. I’d love to do an ultra someday too – running long is my favorite! For now, I’d still like to BQ (damnit) soon, and then who knows! I just hope it doesn’t take me a thousand years :)
    Kelly recently posted…Weekly recap, cancer prevention, DI stuffMy Profile

  8. says

    I’m with you on loving the high mileage–I need long runs in my life–but I’m happy to take some time of marathon training. Any ultras you’re eying already? My plan is kind of the opposite–stick to shorter races and work on speed. Right now though, I’m just enjoying some glorious unstructured runs.
    David recently posted…Two Great RunsMy Profile

  9. says

    Love how your goals are set with focus on the timing of them!

    Immediate goal: rebuild up mileage safely (still don’t go over 6 miles much)

    Next goal: work on speed!

    Future goal (like next winter): marathon, 3:35 or less

    I think a break and decreased intensity is well deserved. And, it does seem like running long is your forte—play to your strengths, girl!
    Meggie recently posted…What’s Up Wednesday: NYC EditionMy Profile


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