I Have Boston Fever

I have no idea what I’m going to do with myself this week.  I’ll be pretty useless at work (yeah for a 4-day work week) since I can’t seem to think about anything but Boston.

So far the weather looks OK.  A little warm and windy but I love cloudy.  Can they really predict the wind this far out?  I doubt it.  I hope the 2003 Boston Marathon didn’t fall on April 16th…with a record high of 84 degrees!  Oh wow, the nerdy meteorologist in me just came out.


I did my last long run on Sunday – 10 miles in 1:29 (8:54 average pace).  I kept the pace easy and I felt great.  My legs felt light and rested.  From here on out, it’s all easy.  The hard work is done!

Taper crazies have been kept to a minimum.  Not sure why?

I’m running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week and that’s it.  Also getting lots of sleep.  I generally don’t carbo-load.  I eat carbs all the time and may eat just a tad more of them on Saturday and Sunday.  I hate feeling too “puffy” at the start line.

On Saturday I got this awesome card in the mail from my friend Camille wishing me well in Boston.  Thank you Camille, I love it!

So perfect!

Do you do any special preparations before a big race?

Carbo-load – yay or nay?

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  1. bethp262 says

    No, I don’t carb load. The only special thing I do in the 1-2 days before a race is make sure I hydrate really well–with regular water and electrolytes (I use Hammer fizz tablets)
    So excited for you–I hope the week goes by quickly!
    My fave meteorologist says 3 days out is accurate, anything more than that is iffy. (But this has never stopped my from obsessively checking weather for 15 days prior to a big race!)

  2. says

    I’m with you – I eat carbs all the time so no need to carb load. I’ve heard the forecast isn’t too accurate beyond 3 days, too, but it doesn’t stop me from obsessing about the weather 10 days out :)
    Amanda recently posted…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  3. says

    I don’t think they can predict weather this far out. They were still wrong the day before Ocean Drive, which was good because they said rain and thunder and there was no rain and thunder…they were right about the wind tho :/

    I don’t really do much differently the week before except run less. I think I carbo load everyday? Well I don’t carboload extra on top of that..
    Celia recently posted…2012 nuun Hood to Coast ApplicationMy Profile

  4. says

    Kristy: I am STOKED for you. I remember when you first BQ-ed back on 9/11 and then you had to really wait for the registration — and then TRAINING started. Is it really already here? Really? Seriously girl, you rocked this training and you are going to do awesome. I can’t wait to hear it all about it… You should have taken the entire week off. ;o)

    Hope the week flies by for you!!! And keeping my fingers crossed that you have awesome weather. ;o)

  5. says

    Saw your bio on Carrots N’ Cake! Good luck in Boston! I’m so impressed that you cut so much time off your marathon time! I’m one of those people who worked my butt off for a 5:58 marathon PR, so I can imagine how much blood, sweat and tears went into getting a 3:48 qualifier!! That’s AMAZING! You earned your Boston Entry!!! Enjoy every second of it! I ran it two years ago (as a charity runner) and it was one of the best days of my life. Run your heart out, girl! So excited for you!

  6. Claire says

    Good luck kristy!!! I am so so excited for you. I really hope the weather turns out okay!

    I do carbo load but only a few days before. I particularly watch my fiber intake as my stomach is so sensitive on race day.
    Claire recently posted…Healthy Spring SoupsMy Profile

  7. says

    Just found your blog through Carrots n Cake and so glad I did! Good luck next Monday! I hope you’re feeling great and have an awesome time!

    My mom is seriously addicted to watching the weather channel, so I grew up as the only kid in school who knew what the weather report would be for the next week! It can definitely change still, hopefully it’ll be even better! Have fun!
    lisa @ early morning run recently posted…Running Circles and the Easter ParadeMy Profile

  8. says

    I compulsively watch the weather before a major race – doesn’t do me a bit of good but I feel like I am doing something.
    I don’t really carb load during the final week. I have my big pre-race meal for lunch instead of dinner which works better for me.
    Woot, less than a week away!!
    Kathy R recently posted…Taper Time (Again) – 3 Weeks to Big Sur!My Profile


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