Small Improvements

I have to focus on the small improvement here or else I would cry.  This morning was another set of 3 x 1-mile repeats.  Oy.  This was the same exact speed workout I did 4 weeks ago.

Week 1:  7:10, 7:08, 7:11
Week 5 (today):  7:04, 7:10, 7:10

OK, so the 7:04 was a small improvement.  All of these were effort based (Week 1 and Week 5) and I was sucking wind hard today.  Unfortunately, I can’t say this is my 5K pace.  Unless I want to die during the 5K.

So…even though I said I wouldn’t do this anymore…I took a peek at my training cycle for the Lehigh Valley Marathon (same week, same workout) — 7:11, 7:08, 7:05.  Hmmm.  I’m starting to think of my last training cycle (my BQ cycle) as the one where I constantly improved and this training cycle as the one where I constantly remain stagnant.  Maybe I’m not meant to get any faster?  Maybe I maxed out my speed?  Maybe I should forget mile repeats (or any track work for that matter) and just run hill repeats?  They are more fun anyway.

Moving on…

My favorite part of Runner’s World is the “I’m a Runner” feature on the back page.  It’s like US Weekly for runners.  I’m highly disappointed with the March issue.  Kate Gosselin?!?!  Jeez, were they desperate?  I would like to knock her off the kitchen counter she’s sitting on.  Her interview was obnoxious.  Thanks RW…I’ll stick to Running Times.

Did you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8?  I did, during its height…before she went crazy.  



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    OMG – I thought the exact same thing when I saw Kate. Can’t stand that woman.

    Quit obsessing and comparing and worrying! Relax, woman. You are training for BOSTON. Enjoy it!

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    The improvements you have made since you started running are definitely inspiring and I do think there is some boundary to how much people can improve. That said I don’t think most people come close to their limits. I don’t think you hit a wall. If you want it enough there is always more you can do. Also you are focusing on one type of workout. Personally, I hate mile repeats. If I just looked at them I would be very discouraged when I know I am overall very much stronger. I would take a more holistic view of things. Enjoy it…you seem to be getting stressed out with little things and that will make you run worse!! At least it has for me in the past…

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    Hey Kristy! Stop being so hard on yourself! (Coming from someone who is very hard on herself!) The next time you do it, it WILL get better… and if it doesn’t, then it will eventually! I am sure of it! Stay strong and positive… blah blah blah blah. ;) Seriously, though!
    Love the new look of the blog!
    Katie recently posted…BLUEMy Profile

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    Same reaction to Kate Gosselin here. I never watched that show (and I’m a mom of twins). The interview was *obnoxious.*

    I’m with Cindi–just enjoy the Boston training! It’s your victory lap!
    Terzah recently posted…The Spring of Speed!My Profile

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    You’re being too hard on yourself! Your times are amazing and they ARE faster!!! You still have so long to go….and you have all those crazy 20 milers :) You’ll be more ready than you know by Boston!

    I love the back page interviews too and I haven’t read this month’s issue yet….but seriously, Kate Gosselin? Yuck. No, I never watched the show…not because I’m above reality TV and/or trashy and guilty pleasure TV, I just didn’t get hooked!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen recently posted…Nagging injuriesMy Profile

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    I mean, didn’t you run a 20 miler last weekend? Maybe your legs were a little more tired than that! I would see where you are going into boston as compared to LVM and I bet you’ll be a bit faster. Plus, I feel like sometimes my training doesn’t change much, but my race times improve because I get better at the racing aspect. (not sure if that made sense…)

    I used to be all about Jon and Kate Plus 8. I loved it when it was about their family and how they were making it work with 8 kids.
    Meggie recently posted…26 Going on 6My Profile

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    It’s so hard to compare two runs because there are a lot of other factors that might have been at play. Like, perhaps this time you got good sleep, but last time you didn’t sleep well at all. You could compare a string of several workouts together to look for a trend, but just two little speed workouts? And hey, 5 seconds is’s better than nothing right?

    I never watched that show. I’m more of a Bravo fan…love the housewives.

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    GREAT REPEATS… I know, I’m late. For some reason, I don’t think I’m getting email updates that you put out a new blog entry. I’m not sure if it’s because you made changes??? Do I need to subscribe again? Hmm… I’ll see if I receive a notification when you put up a new post.

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    Yeah, I’m not a fan of Kate Gosselin, I probably rolled my eyes when I saw that page too. I didn’t even read the interview. I was also annoyed with the enclosure that came with my RW this month, a giant yellow page with huge words: “Look Better Naked” with an ad for Women’s Health. I get that they own that mag too, but the ad annoyed me. I don’t subscribe to Running Times…would you recommend it?
    Amanda recently posted…January RecapMy Profile


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